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Welcome to my online store!

This is a real milestone in my journey from architect to ceramicist. I practiced as a professional architect for 15 years spending most of that time in the high-end residential & interior design space. Since University ceramics was my creative outlet. What started as weekly classes grew to a home studio in a small room under my house with a ceiling so low only I could stand up straight in there (I’m 5”1). Once I had a space that I could access 24/7 I found myself in the studio all the time and realized that I had found my passion.  

At that time I also changed jobs and managed to negotiate slightly less than full-time working hours to allow me to start exploring ceramics a bit more. My first real commission came through my new boss. She was looking for a bespoke ceramic piece for a project we were working on at the time and could not find it or anyone to make it. I gingerly told her I had a little studio at home and could give it a go. And so the project I was working on as an architect & interior designer also became the project I became the ceramicist for. Like the launching of my online store, that too, was a milestone. The project also happened to be Sir Richard Branson’s hotel in Franschhoek, South Africa and to date it is still my favourite architectural project I had the privilege to work on. You can read about the project here  

And so it grew until, in 2021, I finally took the plunge to leave architecture behind and devote myself to ceramics full time. I will share more about this journey in future blog posts as I have learnt so much in the last 5 years about business (of which I knew little) and how to turn my passion into my career.  

I love to create beautiful spaces and beautiful things.  As an architect I got to do the former and as a ceramicist, the latter. I hope you find something in this store that can make the space you inhabit in the world that much more beautiful.

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